Job Management Suite
Job Management Suite
We have developed a highly customizable billing and job
management system. It combines the flexibility of model driven
pricing rules, and user friendly data entry screens.

DART job management suite is an integrated set of
applications. We provide a complete workflow from quote to
customer, through field operations and invoicing. The invoice is
then tracked through sales/management, accounting approvals
and final billing to your clients. Integrated in this suite is customer
management, asset management, maintenance, training, safety,
and compliance modules.

The difference between our application suite and others is that we
take a services oriented approach to give your field operators a
simple easy to understand interface. Our pricing engine then
determines what should be charged and how it should be charged
based on any number of complex business rules.

We offer the job management suite in two forms. As a turn-key
service (
read more), or as a shrink wrapped system that you can
install and maintain yourself (
read more).

In either scenario we provide the most cost effective solution in the
market. Our estimated ROI is in the sub six month range with
enormous benefits to streamline your operations and eliminate
duplicate data entry.

Contact us today to see the huge savings we can bring to your
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