About Our Business

Headquartered in Austin, Texas, Inversion Technologies provides
customers with software solutions, consulting services, and
software hosting services. Specializing in Oilfield Geophysical
analysis software, Energy trading systems, and Custom Loyalty
engines the company offers its clients over 75 years collectively of
software analysis, systems development, project management,
and systems management experience.


Our Mission
Our mission is to locate business opportunities where our high
degree of technical competence and maturity make a difference to
the overall success of the project.  By putting ourselves in position
to succeed where others may fail, we seek to provide significant
value for these opportunities. Our goal is to provide our customers
with leading edge technologies, innovative solutions, and
maximum return on investment in IT hardware and software
development resources. To that end, we have partnered with other
leading firms to provide crucial pieces of the application
architecture, where appropriate.

Innovation - Not Reinvention
We enable businesses to discover their true potential by removing
the burden of ever-changing technology. We believe that software
should be a business enabler, not a disabler.

Solutions - Not More Questions
Our primary focus is delivering industry leading technologies and
solutions to our clients and business partners.  We have
industry-leading experts in object-oriented, n-tiered systems and
we can provide expertise in all aspects of software development.  

Discover Your Company's True Potential
Unless you're a software company, you're probably paying too
much for your software solutions and receiving too little in return.
We allow you to discover your organization's true potential by
focusing on the business instead of the software that enables your
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